bat baka

Tom Mason

Full Name

Tom Mason





Hair and Eye Colour

Brown hair and Brown eyes

Portrayed by

Jonathan Bailey

Tom Mason is Zoe's best friend, and he likes friends as more than that, but he just can't get around to letting her know how he feels and is afraid it may ruin their friendship. He is one of the two of the main protagonists. He is an amazing singer and songwriter.


He always wears his grandfathers lucky hat. In the flashbacks he wears a dark blue jacket and under that he wears a white t-shirt with a red star in the middle. He wears dark jeans. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes.



Zoe and Tom are very close and have known eachother since they were little children. They get along well and enjoy teasing each other and messing around. However it is evident from the majority of episodes that Tom has strong romantic feelings for Zoe, feelings which might be reciprocated. He wanted to ask her to the dance in Mr and Mrs Doubtfire but chickened out and instead created an alter ego "Dom" who Zoe falls for. They do eventually get to dance, despite a mix up and the dance being cut short. Zoe has called him her best friend and said he was cute and funny (although she went on to list his failings after telling a disguised Tom this) They have kissed at least once(it was Zoe's first kiss), as seen from the episode Groovily Ever After, although Tom is unaware that Zoe knows he kissed her.


Tom first met Baz at Groove High and they bonded almost immeadiately over a shared love of the same films. While Baz may be kind of goofy, he Zoe and Tom get along brilliantly and he is very loyal to Tom(apart from one episode where it appears Tom is saying horrible things about Groove High), stepping aside when Tom asks him not to be the Prince as he'll have to kiss Zoe(even though he wanted to be a dwarf anyway) in Groovily Ever After. Baz also relies on Tom for help, like when he wanted to win a years supply of cereal he asked Tom to write a jingle to win the competition.